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The Benefits Of CNC Plasma Cutting Machines


Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Plasma Cutting Machines have revolutionized the steel fabrication industry. They are faster, more accurate, and more efficient than traditional steel-cut and profiling methods. They can cut various materials, including stainless steel, aluminium, and copper. 

Additionally, CNC Plasma machines can be used to create both simple and complex shapes. This versatility makes them an ideal solution for various steel fabrication applications. As a result, they are becoming popular among steel fabricators and metalworkers. Our article will look at the benefits of CNC plasma cutting machines and how they are changing the manufacturing landscape.

How do CNC Plasma Cutting machines work?

The CNC Plasma cutting is a process in which electrically conductive materials are cut by utilizing an accelerated jet of hot plasma. The torch is powered by a plasma cutter, which uses a combination of gases to create a high-temperature plasma flame. The plasma flame is then directed at the steel plate, which melts and cuts the metal. 

The leading gases that create plasma are argon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen. The three most common types of plasma cutting systems are hand-held torches, mechanized torches and robotic arms. 

There are a variety of materials that can be cut with a plasma torch, including steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass, and copper.

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What are the five key benefits of CNC Plasma Cutting machines?

  1. CNC Plasma machines are much more accurate than manual plasma cutting
  2. CNC Plasma machines can produce more complex shapes for many applications, such as connection and end plates for structural steel
  3. CNC Plasma machines are, on average, five times faster than manual CNC plasma cutters
  4. The machine operator does not need to be as skilled as a manual machine operator
  5. CNC Plasma machines can cut a variety of materials, including stainless steel, aluminium, and even copper

What are the different CNC Plasma Cutting Configurations?

There are three different CNC Plasma Cutting configurations: table, gantry, and cantilever. Table plasma cutting machines are the most common type and are well-suited for small to medium-sized projects.
Gantry plasma cutting machines are larger and more powerful than table machines and are typically used for industrial applications.
Cantilever plasma cutting machines are the largest and most powerful machines for large projects.

CNC Plasma Cutting Machine Cutting Round Shapes
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Other metal fabrication processes that can accompany CNC Plasma cutting?

Bending, Rolling, and Welding

Not only does plasma cutting help create profiles for processes like bending and welding, but it can also be used to cut holes and junctions into flat plate material. This way, once the flat profile is rolled and seam welded, the pipes won’t require any extra shaping other than finishing the cuts on the partially cut holes and junctions.


Plasma-cut profiles are a type of stock material frequently used for further machining. Some benefits to using plasma cutting over traditional methods include the increased accuracy and quality of the cut edge. Additionally, in many cases, minimal machining is required after being plasma-cut.

Cleaning & Preserving

If the edges of your cut are encrusted or have skin, it can usually be removed. The plasma cutting process is versatile and affordable, making it an excellent option for cutting sheet and plate metal. It offers many advantages over flame and laser cutting technologies.

CNC Plasma Cutting compared to Flame Cutting

Flame cutting is a traditional metal cutting process that uses a high-temperature flame to melt and cut the metal. While flame cutting is still a viable option for some applications, CNC plasma cutting is becoming increasingly popular because of its many advantages.

CNC plasma cutting is more accurate than flame cutting because the plasma torch can be controlled more precisely. Additionally, CNC plasma cutting is five times faster than flame cutting and can cut many materials, including stainless steel, aluminium, and even copper.

CNC Plasma Cutting compared to Laser Cutting

Both plasma cutting and laser cutting can cut through comparable amounts of material and produce similar heat-affected zones, as well as cleanness of cut edges. Plasma cutting, on the other hand, has a shallower kerf (the width of fabric removed by the cutting process), allowing for bevelled edges and 3D sections to be produced.

Furthermore, while laser cutting is more complex with highly polished or reflecting materials, plasma cutting is not hindered by a substance’s reflective properties.


There are many factors to consider when choosing a CNC Plasma Cutting machine, but the power source, metal thickness, and budget are the three main things to keep in mind. Remember your future needs, so you don’t have to upgrade too soon. With so many options being offered, there’s bound to be a perfect CNC Plasma machine for your business.

We’re thrilled with our new Swift-Cut Pro 250 CNC Plasma Cutting Machine because it has drastically increased the speed, accuracy and overall productivity of our business.

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